Saison Style Beer

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Saisons seem to be the up and coming beer du jour. Everywhere I go folks are talking about them and how delicious they are. I’m typically not a big fan of sour beers, but in my quest to make better beer recipes I’m willing to put just about anything in my mouth… for flavor… and character understandings.

Some of the cool things I learned about Saison beers in doing a many Google search and bar fly banter is that the style was created for farm hands in France to keep them from getting parched in the summer but also to supply them with work in the colder months. Additionally it’s because there were so many in variety of flavor and brewing process it has been difficult to pin down Saisons as their own style.

Being that the farm hands were allowed 5 liters of this beverage a day, it’s most likely a good thing this style tends to be on the lower side of ABV. Another plus of brewing these beverages in colder months was the lower risk of bacteria infection that comes with a warmer climate. In general the flavor of a Saison is fruity and spicy depending on the recipe used to make it.

Beers to try:
Saison Dupont:
Hennepin Ommegang:
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace:
Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale:
CynicAle – Surly Brewing Company:
Swing Session Saison – Victory Brewing Company:
Avec Les Bons Voeux – Brasserie Dupont sprl:

Wiki Entry:

Photo: Koshy Koshy


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