Creating Your Own Mash Tun

Beer, Engineering, Equipment

Ah there are so many fun parts about brewing beer, obviously the most fun is the drinking of a successful home brewed pint. But I part I truly enjoy is the home engineering side of the craft.

I recently built my own mash tun with the instructions below and it has worked out amazingly for me. Being that I brew in 3 gallon batches and only have a five gallon pot it’s great for doing a single infusion mash and getting a brew day done quicker so I can do more testing.

The instructions in the link below are great but there was one little hiccup I ran into and luckily I had extra washers and o-rings to deal with it.

Basically the arrangement of the washers and o-rings on the ball valve were off when I went to secure them and I couldn’t get the tun from not leaking. I think they may have changed the cooler design a bit from the instructions in this tutorial. What needs to happen is you need to add more washers to the front of the out pipe before securing the ball valve to it.

I also added a couple extra o-rings (one inside and one outside) and that seems to have sealed the deal for me. I know have a great mash tun up and running and for around 50 bucks. 


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