Bubblyssss. Champagne Yeast and Cider.

Brewing, Cider, Recipe

People (my friends and loved ones) always tell me I make delicious ciders. I tend to think they’re tasty but everyone has their own preference when it comes to a good cider. In my opinion if you don’t get the right amount of bubbles going it just aint good. I did a lot of testing with some ale yeast, wine yeast, CIDER yeast but when it gets down to it I find there is absolutely no substitute for a damned good champagne yeast.

If you enjoy a dry cider with minimal bubbles and a rich aroma I found that a champagne yeast leaves you with all these wonderful qualities. It does such a great job with the juice it’s really helped me expand into different recipe combinations. Here’s one that a lot of friends have enjoyed and hopefully you’ll like it too, if you’re into the whole ginger thing that is.

3/4 gallon 365 apple juice (Whole Foods has this in a wonderful glass gallon jug, perfect for fermenting)

⅓ tube frozen organic apple concentrate (again Whole Foods 365 has this but you can get whatever your little heart desires)

Ginger simple syrup made from shaved ginger and apple concentrate (Peel about 3 big gingers, mash about half and just shave the rest of them. Steep in water with about a quarter cup of concentrate.)

Let simple syrup cool and add to the apple cider.

5 gram packets of Red Star Champagne Yeast (No need for a starter because it’s more than enough in the packet for 1 gallon)

1 tsp pectin enzyme (if you like your cider clear, if not don’t worry about this)

Ferment for one week with an sanitized airlock in a room temperature place with no light. If you really like ginger add some of dem strips of ginger from your simple syrup right into the jug. Go ahead. Don’t worry it wont hurt anything.)

Bottle after a week and give it 4 weeks to build it’s carbonation.


ABV 5.91% – Big aroma very spicy from the ginger. Nice balance not vinegar like. Good for use as a mixer with some whiskey as well.




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