Acorn Beer

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America. Land of the free. Land of the great. Land of the we’ll do anything to protect our beer! If you haven’t watch the “How Beer Saved The Word” special on history I recommend you get on it. It’s a quick fun way to learn a lot about the history of beer. One of the most interesting parts of the show, at least to me, was the colonialist using acorns to make their beer when the dirty red backs started taxing their barley.

Apparently acorns have a similar starch profile to barley and can be used to make beer. Although they’re much more bitter and contain a high amount of tannins so you want to get ’em while they’re green and bake them to try and reduce this. I’m hoping to do a little foraging later this summer/early fall to do a little experimenting of my own.

If anyone has any good recipes please let me know.

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Watch: Netflix – How Beer Saved The World

Photo: Robert Benner


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