Kegging vs Bottoling

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I know the topics go back and forth with what’s better and it’s been talked about ad nauseam but I like to talk too so you’re gonna hear about it from me.

Bottling or kegging. I recently got into kegging and there’s no going back for me. I’m doing about two brews a month currently and really is just much faster and less clean up. Plus I can easily bottle a kegged beer, but moving a bunch of bottled beer to a keg just doesn’t make sense.

Additionally I bought one of these insulated growlers and it’s perfect for bringing some brew to your friends or coworkers for a little taste tester. I know some people like to take their time and bottle each beer as part of their brew day, and I’ll admit I love it when a capper clamps down on the top of a bottle neck, but I’ll forego all that in exchange for some reduced brew time. I’d rather spend 30 minutes more mashing than cleaning bottles.

The biggest downside to kegging obviously is the cost. But if you have the money for the investment I’d recommend it.

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Photo: Bruce Turner


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