Flying Dog Ales

Beer, Beer Styles, History

Being brewed locally in Colorado… MARYLAND?! OK. I know. I should have been more on top of this than I am. But I was delivered quite the shock on my trip to Annapolis this past weekend when all the menus kept stating Flying Dog as local.

At first I thought it a mistake of the establishment and just went about my libation drinking. But when I ordered a Raging Bitch from Maryland at the next location I had visions of an attempted Flying Dog thief to come my way.

However I received my bottle and was shocked to see a beautiful Steadman staring me back in the face! For shame on me for not realizing it had  ben bought out and moved in 2008 to the East Coast.

I still have issues however with calling it local to Maryland as the majority of it’s recipes were created and brewed in Colorado the home of HST. It’s making me wonder now how many beers say they’re from a specific state but contracted elsewhere and how do you decide which state it can claim ownership to. Yet another reason to toss and turn at night.

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