Chilling Wort

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You need to chill your wort. There’s no getting around it. And there are many ways to chill wort. Depending on your time, budget and location all factor in to which option is best for you. But here’s a quick list of some of the most popular.

Topping off your wort. If you have cool, clean sanitized water and less total volume of wort needed for fermentation than you can top it off to the level you need to help cool the wort down to pitching temperature.

Cooling in an ice bath. Wether it’s in a plastic tub, your sink or any other type of container you can drop your wort boiler into a nice bath or cool water and add ice till it reaches the desired temperature.

Immersion Wort Chiller. Getting much fancier but there are ways of creating these on your own. The immersion wort chiller goes right into the beer batch and water is cycled through it cooling down the temperature.

Counter-Flow Chiller. The Inception of wort chilling. A tube within a TUBE! It works quickly to cool your wort by running the hot wort in the center tube and cool water over that wort in the opposite direction. Again you can make these on your own in all kinds of ways but it’s a bit more difficult than an immersion chiller.

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