Honey In Your Brew

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Mead is a great drink on its own but if you want to add a little honey flavor to your home brew you should consider a couple of different factors.

1.) What type of honey do you use? Clover honey is probably the best for low flavor profile but if you’re looking to get something with a stronger flavor then Buckwheat is a way to go. Of course there is a whole range of honey’s and they all have their different compliments to different styles I’d say start simple.

2.) When do you add to the boil? If you’re looking for less honey in your brew, just add it to the beginning of the boil. This allows for an increase in your OG while boiling out some of the flavors the honey would typically contribute. If you add it towards the end you allow the flavors to completely incorporate into the wort and increase your OG.

There are a ton of other items to think of when it comes to brewing but I find when it comes to experimentation in your recipes these two factors are the most important. Once your recipe base is good you can start to refine it with other honey details.

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Photo: Siona Karen


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