Healthy Beer – Something To Think About

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Beer gets a bad wrap for not being “healthy”. Some people blame it for “obesity”. Other people blame it for making you “lethargic”. And sometimes someone might say it “gives you gas”. Well you know what I say? Poo! Poo! To you naysayer!

Beer can provide all the nutrients one needs to replenish their body from a long day of exertion. Now obviously as with anything if you go overboard it’s going to be unhealthy.

Now what I do agree with is making my food and beer with the best ingredients available. If you use GMO meats when you’re making your burgers you need to understand you’re putting the weird science items created in some laboratory that have hardly had anytime to test their impacts on our physiology.

Brands like Budweisser, Miller, Pabst and Guiness are using GMO products in their brews. I’m not saying I don’t go for the generic brands from time to time but most of our craft brewer friends are using high quality ingredients that usually support local ecosystems and are not genetically modified. Sounds like a better investment to me.

It’s just another reason for me to support the craft brewer over the big breweries. But be wary of those ones that sold out. The larger breweries wold love to toss some corn syrup (YES CORN SYRUP IS NOT NATURAL!) into your next IPA if they’re given a chance.

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