Come Together! Right Now! Over Flocculation!

Brewing, Engineering, Yeast

Sometimes when I drink a beer I feel bad because I know I’m ingesting live organisms who have sacrificed their lives to bring me the delicious flavors happening all up in my mouth. Let us take a moment of silence for all our fallen yeast brethren.

OK! Dry your eyes and lets get to it! Even though our little yeast fellows have been sacrificed to the beer gods you can feel a little happier knowing they didn’t die alone. That’s because of flocculation!

Flocculation is unique to brewers yeast. Basically what happens is the yeast start to get all drunk in the booze party they’re making in your brew and start to get handsy with one another and come together to form clumps of thousands of yeast. Eventually they’ll start to settle to the bottom of your fermentation chamber and the beer will become less cloudy.

The earlier they flocculation the sweeter the final beer product will be. The longer it takes the more “yeasty” it will be as well as cloudy. Temperature is a big factor in flocculation so if you’re having trouble clearing out your brew maybe you just need to cool it down for a couple days and let flocculation take its course.

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