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A lot of breweries and farmers work together to save cost on producing barley and then buying it back to feed their animals. It’s a great way for local businesses to keep things going and not only bring us delicious brews but let the farmers bring us delicious dairy, meats and produce.

The FDA however wants to restrict the ability to do this and make it more difficult for brewers to sell the spent grain back by requiring more testing. Which adds too much overhead for a brewer to really justify.

At one end I get it the FDA wants to protect people by making sure the animals aren’t eating harmful chemicals. But on the other end where I completely don’t get it, is the FDA lets all kinds of other chemicals get pumped into our food and pesticides sprayed over it calling it “safe”, but for some reason some steeped grains is going to “poison” the general public.

Makes me angry and want to get all ‘merica on the FDA. Increase responsibility on large organizations that are experimenting with new chemicals and techniques. Leave the little brewers alone and keep practicing business behaviors that have been around for many more years than the FDA. Jerks!

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