New York City Homebrewers Guild

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I recently attended my first NYC Homebrewers Guild meeting and signed up. It was a fun event to meet a bunch of brew enthusiasts and try some of their home concoctions. Plus as a bonus it was mead night and they had a bee keeper from Hudson Valley there and a nice guy who’s starting New Jersey’s first meadery.

He went through a lot of legislation to get the rights to actually brew mead as they were only set up to allow people to ferment grains and juices, but with enough hard work, meetings and explaining he got the approval he needed to open his business.

The Guild meets every third Tuesday of the month at Burp Castle and it only costs $25. I’ll be there as much as I can and post any learnings I gain on here so keep you’re eyes peeled for future posts.

Another plus of the guild is you can take the Beer Judge Certification Program through the guild as well as discounts two LHBS in Brooklyn, Bitter & Esters and Brooklyn Homebrew.

Melovino Meadery


New York City Homebrewers Guild

Bitter & Esters

Brooklyn Homebrew

Burp Castle

Photo: Matthew Black


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