Freezing Beer For Hiking

Bars, Beer, History

One of the biggest reasons to drink beer is in celebration of outdoor activities. I love bringing it with me on a hike regardless of the weight it adds. One thing I like to do the night before the trip is freeze my cans of beer.

On a hot day these will stay nice and frosty till you reach the top. It’s kind of an unspoken rule with me that you trudge as much of the beer up the hill as possible and only enjoy it if you reach the summit. There are exceptions of course.

For instance a hole in the can isn’t doing favors for anybody. Best to take that soldier down quickly by drinking him before the peak. I find if you put them in the freezer from closely packed for about 6 – 8 hours does the job right. Some of the cans will be more frozen and they’ll act like ice packs as they thaw.

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