Quick. I Need a Brewing Fix!

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Sometimes I find I just don’t have the time to get along with my all grain brewing. I’ve found that I just need to do something to get a quick fix and make sure I don’t loose my touch.

I find these 1 gallon glass cider jugs to be the perfect fit for my needs. At it’s simplest you could just toss some champagne yeast right in the jug pop on a sanitized cork and airlock and call it a day.

But why not take 15 minutes to add some honey and vanilla? Maybe get some cranberry frozen concentrate and toss it in with some cinnamon to boot? Or better yet, grab that ounce of Chinooks you’ve been hanging on to and see what damage they can do dry hoping for a week.

Basically my point is, this type of cider brewing is simple and a great way just to keep your brewing mind loose when you don’t have the time for a full all grain batch.

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