Leaving Headspace

Brewing, Engineering, Equipment

In my attempts to make as much beer as possible I decided to fill up my keg as much as possible. Hardly leaving enough room to add in the yeast starter I had made two days prior. By the time I got the airlock on we were at the tip top of the keg. (Also stick with blowoff tubes for kegs. I like the idea of the airlock but it’s just not as fool proof.)

Luckily I made enough yeast that when they came flying up out of the airlock I still had enough leftover for a solid fermentation that lasted almost a week. But I also had one of the worst messes to clean up.

The photo shows how little space there really was, 30 minutes after pitching the yeast I had activity rocking and a rolling and it started pushing beer right through the airlock. I’ll plan to leave about 2 inches from now on.

More Reading: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f35/how-much-head-space-needed-keg-70793/


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