Brewing with Leafy Herbs

Beer, Brewing, Ingredients, Recipe

I’ve recently created a recipe that uses basil and mint in it. I’m trying to create something light and refreshing. My first go at it I just tossed the herbs right into the boil. This doesn’t seem to be as effective as I thought it would be.

The herbs only boiled for about 10 minutes but that was enough to tear them apart and make them tough to filter out. I used 1oz of both the herbs but it seems like that wasn’t enough. There was a light mint aroma when the 3 gallon batch was done, but there was no flavor left in the beer.

Even using the light bodied pilsner malts I had there was nothing. My next attempt I’m going to dry hop the herbs after about a week in the fermentation tank. My thinking is a dry hopping will act more like a tea and at a lower temperature the flavors will be able to carry through the beer.

I’ve read recommendations from both ends so this is a nice trial and error for me. We shall see.

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Photo: Amanda Slater


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