Pilsner Malt and Ale Yeast

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There aint no rule against it. I wanted to do a pilsner since summer was on the way and an icy cold pilsner taste so good in the radiance of the sun. The only problem was I don’t have a lagering chamber (YET!) and I didn’t want to toss in a lager yeast in temps at my apartment which were topping at around 78°F.
I can usually keep my beers at a range of 68°F-72°F in a keg in my closet but that just wasn’t good enough for a lager yeast. So I decided to go ale yeast and see what the results would be like.
I was quite please actually with the ale yeast results. I did a 3 gallon batch with a 90 minute boil as I’ve read that will lower the Dimethyl Sulfides (DMS) in your wort. The final product was a very light but high gravity (7.8% abv) beer that drinks almost as fast as water.
Soon as I build my lagering chamber I’ll swap to a lager yeast and test the difference. But for all practical purpose I’d call this a success. Give it a whirl if you had a doubt.
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