Small Batches

Beer, Engineering, Equipment, Recipe

I’m all about experimentation when it comes to my beer recipes these days. I haven’t used a recipe I’ve found online or got from a friend in over a year and I’m pretty sure there’s no looking back for me.

I made the investment in some 3 gallon kegs and I have a 10 gallon mash tun that lets me do a single step mash and shortens my brew day. Also it takes a lot less time to heat the water on my stove top in a 5 gallon pot than if I need to use two.

Having smaller batches means less investments in ingredients as well so it has allowed me to experiment with lots of juices, herbs and other adjuncts that would be too costly at a larger batch size.

Trying to recreate somebody else’s flavors I can just buy at the store doesn’t appeal to me. It’s already been done and I can go buy it so why not try something they’re not giving me while I drink a six pack of the good stuff? That’s just my preference of course. Obviously it’s helpful to learn from the beginning to understand mouthfeel and complex flavors but I like my small batch approach and recommend everyone start thinking different. (Apple you can’t sue me I’m not using that as a trademark!)

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