Mason Jars For Canning

Beer, Brewing, Engineering, Equipment

Don’t do it… They’re made to hold a vacuum. Basically pressure is lowered inside the can through the boiling process and the outside pressure becomes strong enough to create a good seal that keeps out any air preserving the innards.

If you were to add a brew in there and hoped it would build up some carbonation it shouldn’t really be able to hold the carbonation as you’d like it to. It would be amazing to have a screw top solution like this and provide the ability for canning at home but right now there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

If anyone has a possibility I’d love to trade notes! I’ve been working on potential solutions of my own. I don’t really have the $10K to invest in a home canning line unfortunately, but I’ll keep doubling down on red every time.

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Photo: Richard Elzy


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