Aerating Your Wort

Beer, Brewing, Equipment

Aerating your wort is an important and potentially risky step. You need oxygen in your wort so your little yeasties can thrive and make al the wonderful esters you want but you don’t want oxygen in your wort AFTER the fermentation process has been completed. Doing so will give you off flavors to your beer.

Additionally you don’t want to aerate your wort while it is HOT, it will create oxidization in your wort, again leading to off flavors. After you’ve cooled your wort and before you pitch the yeast you want to make sure you get a little oxygen in the wort.

You could easily slash it a bit when it goes into the fermentor, or toss it around a bit as well, that should add plenty of oxygen. I’ve been using the Siphon Spray Wort Aerator recently and seems to do a nice job when I’m racking to my fermenting vessel. Then I don’t need to worry about tossing it around and such.

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