Floating thermometer

Beer, Brewing, Engineering, Equipment

Monitoring temperature proves to be difficult when you’re on a budget with your brewing gear. But I’ve found that adding a floating thermometer to my boil kettle a cheap easy solution to monitor progress of the water as it’s heating up.

If I buy water and don’t use the tap water I find that I just need to heat up to my strike temperature without waiting for the temperature to come back down after a boil or cooling it in the sink. Although I sometimes will do that to speed along the process.

Basically I look for all ways possible to shorten my brew sessions so I can do more of them in one month without exhausting myself on the length of the process. I find that the floating thermometer is a good side-kick to my cdn proaccurate quick-read thermometer.

Additionally I use it to monitor the temperature of my mash as it converts the starches.

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Photo: Enesse Bhé


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