Thinking Of Starting a Brewery?

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There are so many sources that tell you how to start a brewery but there’s no quick check off list. I’ve done some looking around and this seems simplest to understand to me. Note: I HAVE NOT STARTED A BREWERY. But if I were to begin one here’s the steps I’d look into taking.

  1. Choose a name (Google it and check the trademark board)
  2. Form an entity (Get a lawyer or use online services like legal zoom and register an LLC)
  3. File a trademark (File beer names/labels at the same time if you have them to speed up the process)
  4. File your beer trademarks (You could have registered the brewery trademark first to get ahead of anyone trying to steal it so this may be a separate step)
  5. Lease a space for the brewery (Can be different than the address you used for the LLC registration each state has different requirements than the TTB)
  6. Get some contracts going (anybody who is close to your secret sauce like the head brewer should sign a contract to keep them from stealing it if they leave)
  7. Raise money (Make sure you comply with federal and state security laws)
  8. Apply for brewer’s notice with TTB (This can take some time so you want to get here as soon as you can so you can start making some money)
  9. Apply for local and state license (This is going to vary depending on your state and type of brewery you’re running. So you’re gonna need to do a lot of your own research on this one.)
  10. Slang your suds (Choose a distributor or dedicate your life to sales and customer service[do this part anyway], just be careful of the distributor your choose cause they could be jerks)

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