Bitter & Esters

Bars, Beer, Brewing, Engineering, Equipment

My LHBS is Bitter & Esters. It’s not right next door but I’m lucky to have anything available to me that makes it convenient to get ingredients, find folks who like to talk beer and ask questions from people who have tripped in the holes I’m falling in.

They’ve got a nice selection of malts to choose from and they let you use their mill for free regardless if you’ve bought the grains from them or not. Additionally if you have a recipe you really love you can brew a 15 gallon batch right at their premisses.

There’s not a huge amount of brewing equipment there but they’ve got all the majors if you’re in a jam on brew day. The owners are extremely knowledgable and they have classes from all grain brewing to hops. They’re fairly priced and come with beer during the class!

If you’re in the area check them out, there’s plenty of bars and activity in the area to keep you busy while you’re there.



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