The Snug

Bars, Beer, History

Ever wish you could just duck into a bar and not be bothered by somebody you knew? Have a place where you could just drink in peace without some hooligan shouting in your ear? Maybe you don’t want your lady to be drinking with you when you’re out with the boys but you don’t trust her enough to be at home waiting for the cable guy so you need a place that she can stay close but not get in the way of your intoxication…


Way back when in the good ol’ days when a cop needed to beat the heat and get a frosty cold one he cold rest assured he’d have the privacy he needs in The Snug. It’s an area of bars that was used for more “private” maters.

The Snug was usually attached to the back of a bar and used for many different reasons. Wealthy looking to get away form the poor. A public servant trying not to be noticed. Or in a time when women weren’t allowed in the front of the bar, it was a place for the lady folk to congregate. Typically, if there were windows, they would all be frosted so nobody could see you from the outside and there would be a service window to the front bar so you could still get your drank on.

Obviously there are plenty of reasons for why these aren’t around anymore but they definitely had their hay day and many a bar had them attached, for whichever reason suited them best.

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Photo: Matt Brown


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