Those Crafty Monks

Beer, Beer Styles, History

Monks are responsible for many great things within the beer community. They’ve crafted and honed the style of the Doppelbock into a beer that is enjoyed the world round and is one of larger beer styles to please a  large audience of people.

Not only are they crafty with their beer brewing they pulled a little crafty move on the Pope at one point. Well it probably was unintentional but I like the idea of a chubby monk giggling behind his hand about what happened. The Paulaner monks were the first monks to make the first Lenten strong. A deliciously strong and flavorful beer they made to hold them over during their fasting through lent.

Unfortunately, something of this much delight surely could only be the work of the DEVIL! Nobody actually said that, but the Pope did need to approve the beer and make sure the monks were actually observing the true meaning of lent and not just strapping bras on their heads in a drunken stupor on the side of a hill in Germany.

So the monks shipped some of the beer off to the Pope for his review. But do to the length of the voyage and the exposure to the heat of the sun the beer spoiled by the time it got there. It was so gross that the Pope thought nobody could possibly enjoy much of the beer and gave the monks his blessing to “party on”.

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Photo: Jennifer Mathis


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