CSB (Community Supported Brewery)

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There are lots of different ways to support your breweries. The type of model that’s going to work best for your brewery is most likely dependent upon the market, locations and brewing system available to you. CSAs have worked for farmers for years and at times have been more successful than running a larger scale farm due to the support of the communities. Organic produce, fresher ingredients and local economics all play a huge factor into why a community would support a local farm.

To me it becomes interesting to see it being adopted so quickly in the brewing community. I suppose it makes sense however. Given access to a high quality brew that has premium ingredients, unique flavor profiles and supporting a brewer right in my backyard sounds pretty great to me.

It’s a great support structure for a brewery that’s just starting out because it gets dollars in the door before you even brew your beer. And being that you’re an upstart it’s most likely all your marketing dollars and publicity is going towards a very local market. Word of mouth is going to be key to getting you off the ground. The more I learn about it and think about the pros and cons, the more I fall in love with the idea.

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CSBs To Support

http://transmitterbrewing.com/ (Brooklyn NY)

http://www.burlingtonbeercompany.com/csb-information (Wiliston, VT)

http://www.begylebrewing.com/home/csb/ (Chicago, IL)

http://www.humboldtregeneration.com/what-is-humboldt-regeneration.html (Alton, CA)

Photo: Bernt Rostad


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