Yeast Pool Party

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If you don’t use liquid yeasts than you’re most likely using dry yeast (unless you’re all up in wild yeasts business and just seeing what life brings you). Dry yeast packets typically contain enough yeast to just pitch it in and go. But you’d be doing your tastebuds and the buds of those you’re subjecting your brew to a huge disservice by not rehydrating the yeast first.

Let me esplain.

Just dumping your non hydrated yeast into your wort is kinda like tossing someone into the pool when they’re not expecting it. Sure it’s fun! For you! But the person who was tossed in isn’t having that much fun. They check for the cell phone, maybe quickly pee in surprise and jump out before they really had a chance to appreciate a little trot round the pool. Then they get all upset and YELL at you and make a scene. Everyone stops what they were doing. Nobodies laughing and YOU look like a JERK!

Don’t be a jerk man. Just take the time to rehydrate that yeast. You know what you get when you rehydrate that yeast? A freaking pool party that makes the yeast invite all its friends too. Rehydrating yeast leads to less yeast that die when pitched from the cold crash, which also produces off flavors because the dying yeast produce different esters than what you were going for. It also leads to stronger yeast who can and want to play pool party games that creates more yeasts and delicious flavors.

Just be sure to use warm water. Cause the yeast don’t like their water too cold. Like 105°F warm. Then make sure to cool it down to your wort temp before pitching so as not to surprise them again.

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Photo:  Craig Howell


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