Getting Organized

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If you have problems getting organized I imagine you’re not brewing your own beer recipes and your just doing it for the fun of making beer. That’s all fine and good, but if you’re really looking to get into the craft it’s important to get organized. \

What happens if you’re thermometer dies in the middle of a brew session and you don’t have a back up? What if you run out of sanitizer and didn’t realize till after you already started the boil? And I really hope you’re not storing all your tubes and airlocks with liquid left in them for days… weeks… months at a time.

Getting organized does require you to get a little creative with the space you have but there are a ton of systems out there that are fairly cheap and super useful for the home brewer. Here’s a quick list to consider for your home brew set up.

  • Shelving. Probably the most obvious and readily available, a good set of shelves makes storing your gear easy and helps you get an understanding of available equipment.
  • Pegboard. I got a nice galvanized steel pegboard off Woot one day for super cheap and it has really helped clean up the little bits and pieces around my apartment. It also works great for drying out anything like tubes or airlocks.
  • Plastic tubs with lids. Affordable and easy to find. If you’re looking for storage for you grain as well this works perfect if you can find some with a nice tight airlock.
  • Mason jars. Great for keeping together any miscellaneous items you might have. They also work great for decanting yeast cakes.
  • Zip locks, rubber bands, zip ties. All kinds of great uses you’ll never think of if you have these on hand.
  • Plastic buckets. I love storing some accessible sanitizer in about a 6 gallon batch at all times. It allows me to quickly sanitize if I drop something or just get a bit messy.
  • Your brew pots! They’re large. Needed on brew day. And are easy to find cause they’re so shinny!

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