NY State Farm Brewery

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NY State offers a different option for breweries. It’s called a farm brewery and it’s purpose is not only to make it easier to start a brewery but to allow the farming community in NY State to flourish as well. An ingenious idea!

Right now if you are licensed as one of these breweries you must use 20% of your ingredients from local farms. Eventually the goal is to have enough farms and malters producing enough ingredients for brewers that a brewery will be using 90% of local ingredients.

Additionally, the license allows you to have 5 serving locations on top of your main brewery where you can more easily sell beer on tap, your best way of making money as a brewer.  The license also allows for you to produce cider and serve it on tap.

There are many other perks to this type of license but it seems to be one that’s built on the values most brewers have, community and support from locals.

Farm Breweries In New York (Drive times from NYC)

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Photo: Dennis Jarvis


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