Rye Malt

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I’ve recently be using rye malt in one of my recipes and I have to say it really took the beer to the next level. When you first think of rye you might think of the taste you get out of rye bread. I haven’t seen that come across at all in the way I use it.

I’m using it at about 11% of my grain bill so I’m sure that’s part of the reason it’s not overpowering, but it seems to not only bring a little spiciness to the recipe but also completing the mouthfeel of my beer and making it much more smooth.

I did mash all my grains at a bit higher temperature however with some extra water as well. The big issue I did run into though was not completing a full beta glucan rest. I did not get my OG as high as would have liked. The next batch I’ll be doing will have a longer one and we’ll see how that affects the flavor.

If it looses the creamy feeling I’m getting now, I’ll opt for that opposed to higher alcohol. All in all it seems like an excellent grain for anyone to venture away from the traditional if you have the means.

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Photo: WaterArchives.org


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