NY Pro AM Brew PIT Recipe

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The recipe I’m working on with Singlecut is a hop forward ale that’s inspired by Link Ray. Link Ray is famous for the many songs but most notably Rumble and he influenced a TON of rock gods. He also was the first person to really get down and dirty with some distortion and paving the way for the future or rock, grunge and metal.

Link had an amp that he stabbed with a pencil to produce the distorted sound he was looking for in his songs. He called it “fuzz tone”. Link was also a southerner born in North Carolina. It’s these two facts that stood out to me the most about Link and I used for my catalyst to create a recipe.

I originally wanted to create a sour beer but given the time from brew day to the event I really can’t mess around with any Brett (as recommended by Singlecut). So instead we’ll focus on some wheat malts in the recipe to let a funky flavor shine through in the beer, representing what I think as fuzz tone.

And one thing I know about folks from North Carolina is that they love their BBQ and it is very different from other states BBQ. I did a lot of research on different NC style recipes and found they use brown sugar, molasses, cayenne and pepper corn in a lot of their sauces.

I’m going to use the brown sugar and molasses to add some flavor to the beer and make it even more funky but also to increase the ABV. And being that Link was such a trendsetter and really stood out from the other artists of his time I wanted to leverage the spice in NC recipes to make the beer grab your attention with a little kick.

I’ll be working with some Chinook and Citra hops to bitter and bring on a lot of aroma, this is something that Singlecut does with a lot of their beers. It’s going to be a hop forward ale leveraging the yeast from the brewery themselves. I’ve been in many email communications with the brewers themselves over this recipe and we’re all very excited to give this one a whirl.

There will be a follow up post for this after brew day, so stay tuned!

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