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If you were a fan of crating whirlpools as a kid you’ve got yet another reason to love brewing! Whirlpooling is a technique used to separate trub and leftover hops from the wort. It’s a very simple concept, essentially you make a whirlpool by circling your spoon in your finished wort, let it sit for awhile as the whirlpool slows on it’s own and rack as normal.

Breweries usually have a separate vessel if they’re using this technique. They shoot the wort into the whirlpool vessels at a high velocity to create the whirlpool opposed to using a very large spoon.

So if you’re looking for ways to clear up you’re beer, maybe get your whirlpool on. Be careful not to add too much oxygen to your wort though. NO SPLASHING IN THE POOL!!

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Photo: David O’Hare


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