PPG (Points/Pound/Gallon)

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Look Barley I like you. I love you, you might even say. But sometimes… sometimes I just need somebody else to sweeten things up if you will. And sometimes I get all CRAZY and I need somebody that not even my Brewer’s Friend will know about. I just want to get WILD and try something different. But don’t worry Barley… you’re still invited to the gig.

PPG! Points! Pound! Gallon! PPG is what we use to measure the amount of solubles in our wort to gauge our final yield in a brew! It’s easy to know what the PPG is of most grains as the malters will provide a malt profile that includes the PPG for us. Making it all easy to understand and create recipes.

But how do we solve for when we want to create a brew that uses something like Pomegranate juice? Well the easiest way is to take a gravity reading of the juice itself. One pound of sugar in a gallon of water will have a SG of 1.046. Which is great! But what’s the PPG of that?

Well friend lets do some math!!!! To calculate in terms of PPG, multiply the number of gallons of wort you collected (1 gallon of water) by its gravity (46 Note: I’m still learning why they move it two decimal places, but just do that and you’re fine) and divide that by the amount of malt that was used (1 pound sugar).

1 (gallon of water) X 46 / 1 (pound of sugar) = 46 PPG!

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