Mash Out

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Mashing out is an important step of the process that has all kinds of science built into it. I’ve done plenty of brews where I didn’t mash out due to not enough time and have still made many a tasty brew. But why not continue to control your brewing methods? It means more repeatable tasty brews down the line.

Here’s the key things to know about mashing out.

  1. It protects your fermentable sugar profile by stopping any enzymatic actions.
  2. It makes the grain bed and wort more fluid. Meaning better clarity in your brew!

What is a mash out? Essentially it’s raising the temperature of your mash to 170°F to stop the enzymatic reactions.

How much water you use depends on batch size and grain amount so be sure to do your calculations for a mash out ahead of time!

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Photo: Kelly Teague


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