508 Gastrobrewery

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I was lucky enough to go check out the 508 Gastrobrewery system the other day. (And more lucky because I’ll be brewing a batch of beer with it in a couple weeks!). It’s a pretty amazing set up. The brewery was kind of an afterthought for the restaurant and what you can find in there right now is little more than what you might expect to find in an overzealous homebrewer’s garage.

In the end it gets the job done and Chris Cuzme knows his setup well. Producing unique beers like THE BACON CHEESEBRÜGER. Where they actually smoke the malt over some delicious bacon burgers. Unfortunately they were out of the beer when I came in so I never had a chance to enjoy it but I’m sure it was delightful.

I did try everything else on the wall and some of my favorites were the M.V.B. and American Wheat Beer that doesn’t really drink like a wheat beer at all. It had a great body with a hint of having a wheat past but really reminded me more of an summer ale. I also really enjoyed the Rice Cream Ale a tribute to “The King of Beers”. So tasty it makes me wonder why Bud can’t get their S together and make a better brew themselves.

Also, Tuesday nights are $5 beer nights and Chris leads a live Jazz session on the sax. A great night to stop by and enjoy some music, great beer and delicious food.




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