NY Pro AM Brew PIT – And The Winner Is…

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ME! I couldn’t have been more excited for this event and the fact that I took home first place was amazing. I’m still shocked! I huge shout out to Bitter & Esters for putting on the event with the help of Robert and Xavier who were the catalyst for procuring the amazing location Covenhoven. And another huge shout out to Singlecut and Brian Dwyer for taking the time to collaborate with me as well as letting me brew on their pilot system. FIRST TIME WEARING BREWER BOOTS!

The event was a lot of fun. All the homebrewers turned out with great interpretations of beers for their partner breweries. I had my own favorites as well but I’m still glad I was able to take the win. Next up going to brew at 508 with Chris Cuzme on his 2 bbl system in the basement of a Manhattan Restaurant. Couldn’t imagine a better prize!

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