Save The Protein For The Gym

Beer, Brewing, Engineering, Equipment, Ingredients, Recipe

I love working with adjuncts. I think finding the different qualities fruits, vegetables and obscure grains can bring to your beer is amazing. The only issue with that is some of those malts or other little fellas can up the protein in my mash. Possibly leading to off flavors or bad conversion.

That’s when I need to take a little more time to enjoy some more homebrew and go with a protein rest. A protein rest helps to breakdown proteins into smaller proteins and amino acids, plus it’ll let you get at more of those starch strains letting your saccharification have more potential for a good efficiency.

While it does add to the brew day, it’s going to also add to the quality of your final product. Along with making you an amazing homebrewer that makes you the envy of the species… well at the very least be able to drink tasty beers.

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