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I’ve been brewing on the Brew Magic system for a couple months now and it’s been great. I’m hitting ~83% efficiency every time now but the more I read the more I see I can still do things better. A big one that I just resolved is “Cavitation”. Which is the fancy term for meaning there is air stuck in the system and it stops the RIMS capability that is so precious with this system.

The key factor here is a proper prime. Which I was not achieving. I typically would just move the liquid from the HLT to the Mash Tun via the RIMS system. Priming the pump via the HLT valve and closing the lower valve to the Mash Tun. Having cleaned the system prior to using it my assumption was there was still water in the lines to retain suction. The fool I was!

My high efficiencies had made me drunk on power and blind to the other flaws I could be creating along the way. Well I have woken up and seen the light! Out with you damned cavitation! Out!

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