Bubblegum Tap Build!

Beer, Engineering, Equipment

I’ll be the first to admit. I’m a large bearded child. So when it came time to build a tap I wanted to do something that was fun and childish. At first I thought a fishbowl tap would be cool. But after some research it seemed like a little much of a time investment and riddled with all types of leak issues. Discussing it with my girlfriend (who I am so lucky to have and doesn’t mind if I build taps in the home) her first thought was a gum ball machine.

At first I wasn’t sure it could be done. But the idea of dispensing two treats at once got my glutinous side so excited I had to find a way. And a way I did find. Here’s a link to the full project in detail if you’d like to build one yourself! I’m sure there is plenty of room for enhancements. But here’s a lot of groundwork for you. Enjoy!

Bubblegum Tap Machine


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